A guide to all things entrepreneurial in Boulder.


University of Colorado at Boulder Entrepreneurship

The Boulder Startups site is a guide to all things entrepreneurial in Boulder, both on and off campus. This website was created by CUBE ā€” CU-Boulder Entrepreneurship ā€” which is a group made up of directors and leaders of the entrepreneurial centers across the CU-Boulder campus. The groupā€™s goal is to collaborate and partner to enhance and elevate the entrepreneurial experience at CU-Boulder and beyond.

Whether you are new to Boulder, new to entrepreneurship, or are just looking to familiarize yourself with the entrepreneurial resources of Boulder, this site is a jumping off spot. Find a job or a new intern or employ under the Startups2Students tab. If you are a startup looking for a lawyer, a marketing firm, or a development shop, check out the off campus resources section. Find out what is happening on campus under our blogs section or visit the events section for a definitive listing of entrepreneurial events in Boulder/Denver.